About Gemco

Everything you need to know about our Company

Our Profile.

GEMCO SCIENTIFIC COMPANY is new generation start up with lot of professionally experience. We incorporate with all brands of lab chemicals, instruments, Glasswares and apparatus. GEMCO mainly setup for providing new technology equipments & instruments from all over world to each & every corner of our educational institutions, industrial labs for all types of research and development purpose.

Our Vision.

To grow leading lab chemicals, equipments, instruments & Glasswares supplier in India.

What we Do.

We can provide all range of Lab chemicals, Glasswares, Equipments, Testing Instruments to all kind of Educational Institutions, Research labs, Hospitals, Government Sectors, Bio Labs, Agro Farms, Diary Farms, Hatcheries, Poultry ,Industries, Leather Industries, Rubber Industries, Research Scholars, Foundries etc.

Lab Chemicals
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Gemco serves Cattle Industry

Gemco serves Food Industry

Gemco serves Hospitals

Gemco serves many Schools

Gemco serves Agro Farms

Gemco serves Food industries

Gemco serves Laboratories

Gemco serves Educational Instituion Labs

Gemco serves Fishing Industry

Gemco serves Foultry Labs

Gemco serves Leather Industry

Gemco serves Poultry Labs

Gemco serves Rubber Industry

Gemco serves Textile Industries